TECH TARIK 2016: Trees and Forests


Happy November! TECH TARIK is BACK! Happening once again on the evening of 25th Novemeber. Science and Innovation Kampung-style. Do keep that date free ♥

This year, many tree-related news have surfaced. Ranging from very pleasant ones, like treeplanting activities by PM Lee at Clean & Green Carnival and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, to tragedies like the haze caused by massive deforestation in Indonesia. If all this piques your interest towards the green vastness many call home, this one's for you :) It's on "TREES AND FORESTS" (y)

Due to LIMITED SPACES, here's how you can express your interest to secure your seats: www.techtarik.com | http://bit.ly/techtariktree

We're deeply grateful that we will be having 4 bold persons, tree activists, entrepreneurs and changemakers, joining us this month to share their pioneering works to help champion TREES AND FORESTS.

Announcing the diverse entrée of #TechTarik speakers:

(1) Tony O'Dempsey, a.k.a. Uncle Tony has been working in the GIS industry in Singapore for the past 18 years. He has been roaming the forests of Australia and Singapore virtually all his life and is a keen amateur naturalist with special interest in the Freshwater Swamp Forest habitat as well as the Ecological History of Singapore. On 16 October 2011, Uncle Tony presented a paper on the status of the Freshwater Swamp Forests of the Sungei Seletar Catchment, at a conference organised by the Nature Society (Singapore).Armed with a Bachelor Applied Science - Surveying from Queensland University of Technology, Uncle Tony likes to apply his GIS and cartography skills to the various conservation projects he works on and is always ready to help students with their projects. Uncle Tony is also the author of www.florasingapura.com—a website resource providing pictorial documentation of some of the native flora of Singapore.

(2) Lahiru Wijedasa, whose life goal is the conservation of biodiversity. His career has been as a botanist/arborist at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Research Assistant and now PhD candidate at the National University of Singapore. He has collected in the field in various parts of the region and grown plants on the verge of extinction. He has seen first hand the destruction of forests he has walked in and realized that in order to save the forest a different broader landscape approach is needed. In his free time, he taught himself remote sensing methods and tracked the deforestation of peat swamps and limestone hills in the region communicating and providing data to conservationists on the ground and policy makers.

(3) Nur Khairiana (Moderator), Nur Khairiana Malek: She is the Co-Founder of FiTree, a Muslim youth environmental advocacy group. In just over 2 years, FiTree has worked with mosques, schools, corporations, non-profits, government agencies, interfaith organisations and other Muslim youth organisations to remind that being Green and environmentally-friendly is an important part of Islam in relation to our God-ordained role as stewards of the Earth. FiTree's activities includes nature walks, upcycling, repairing, promoting greener alternatives and most notably, a continuous campaign to get Muslims to waste less water when doing their daily ritual ablution. Prior to starting FiTree, Khairi had spent her formative university days as a volunteer mentor helping underachieving primary school students with their studies, while juggling her own multi-disciplinary studies under the NUS University Scholars Programme. A firm believer in harnessing the full potential of youths, the power of good intentions and the necessity of making sincere connections with people and between knowledge fields, she is always hustling for opportunities for new collaborative projects. Other times, she works as a parks manager and travels regularly in search of inspiration for new (and old but forgotten) ways to do things better.

.. and 2 more speakers to be revealed within the next few days.

You also get a rare opportunity to learn about their discoveries, mingle with them in person and get exposed to such breakthrough technologies at our unique beautiful Kampung... and yes, have Teh Tarik under the Stars :)

And, if you would like to stay on after, the ORTO park (with its array of restaurants) is open 24 hours.

For enquiries, simply contact support@groundupinnovation.org

As this is a paid event with LIMITED SPACES, remember to express your interest early. To enjoy EARLY BIRD offer, simply make payment by Monday, 21 November.

Share this link with your friends and family members who could benefit from this Tech Tarik experience (www.techtarik.com | http://bit.ly/techtariktree). Seeya!

Fri Nov 25, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Kampung Kampus (near Khatib MRT)
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